We offer package bees each Spring, both Italian and Carniolan honeybees. Our stock comes from Central California and is reliably proven, all our bees are transported safely and comfortably via cargo van or under hardcover canopy and enclosed trailer with zero wind stress and minimal road impact. Packages are well ventilated and never left alone during transit. Package bees are phenomenal in the rainy PACNW with its legendary chilly Springs. In the '22 season opener we experienced record rains impacting every single nectar flow right up to blackberry. Package bees simply did better in these poor conditions.

Our prices for 2024 are $165 per 3lb package with Queen (fertile). Deposit is required on package reservation at 50% of order with remainder paid at pickup.

We also offer "Pro-Feed" premix gallons to get your new package off to the best start possible plus all woodenware needs you may have.