Home & Kitchen - Beeswax Food Wrap pucks


We now offer you a way to make your own reusable food wraps at home using your favorite cotton fabrics. This is a DIY, zero waste, all natural, plastic free solution to enrich your home, family and our endangered planet.

We apply beeswax from our very own hives and expertly blend it with jojoba oil and pine resin and then pour them into molds to create these perfect little pucks for you to use to create a product to help keep your food fresh and your footprint small. There are many different ways to make beeswax wraps and with the most common methods available from a quick google search, one of our premade pucks will make three 10x10 sheets. Thank you for supporting our efforts to be better caretakers of our environment with our sustainable products, together we are making a difference!

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