Japanese Knotweed Honey - 1 lb Jar


1lb Japanese Knotweed Honey (raw) from Fall 2022, Western Washington. Very dark and rich with strong flavor and wonderful sweetness. We don't normally offer these special runs online so we produced our own very basic label to meet all legal requirements for honey producers/packers.

Beekeeper Notes

Japanese knotweed is designated invasive by state government however it is a critical nectary for all species who count on it at summers end. Knotweed only grows in wet marshy areas or river bottoms; here in Western Washington it is prevalent and we look forward to the first blossoms at the very end of summer. Our explosive blackberry season is also designated a noxious weed/invasive species yet without it we would not be able to keep honeybee programs successfully each year. This is the seasons end harvest and completes the incredible color grade we love in every season of bees.

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