Our ultra potent propolis is primarily red and tan and originates from Poplar, Fir and Cedar. Stay healthy, stay strong with this sacred super healthy gift from the hive. Each unit ships in a corked, sealed, glass vial with 1 oz of pacific northwest propolis.


Enjoy the vast array of health boosting and general-immunity benefits of this incredible product from the honeybee. Most users will ingest propolis daily, once in the morning and once at night to keep immunity levels strong and high. It is both antimicrobial (fights infection) and antiseptic (kills bacteria) and comes primarily from three bee-yards specifically chosen for it's dense groves of cedar, pine and poplar which gives the propolis its deep red color and heady scent (deep forest and sticky willow buds). Propolis has been used mechanically and medicinally since ancient times, from treating wounds to treating stringed instruments such as violin's and harps. It can be consumed whole or tinctured to user preference. Only the best propolis gets culled from our hives and reserved for the marketplace; it is a deep rich red and is powerfully fragrant.

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