Soap - End Cut Collection

Our zero waste end cut box sets are available online for the first time! These are sold by weight and presented to you in fully enclosed boxes, according to size, see images. We have 1/2lb (8oz) and 1lb (16oz) collections with randomly selected bars from our entire line, including our popular specialty runs such as the Nordic Collection, the Gardeners Box and other short runs we make for our private reserves/custom orders. Each box comes with a legend so you can identify each bar with ease, each box will weigh an ounce or two over its designation but never under. These are ideal for multi sink homes and offices, some people use them in satchels as air fresheners, other people (like us) want to try alot of different soap fast, this is the perfect solution for that! If there is a bar you want, send us a note at checkout to specify but you should know there are MANY specialty bars in this collection that have never been released full-scale like the bars in this store. We have a strong imagination and it shows up in our soaps. Use our Black Box Soap Series as a beginning reference. Happy Hunting and remember: free shipping unlocks at $50.00 (after discounts)!

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